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Segulljóð – Now in App-Store

We’ve been quiet for a while now but I’d like to take some time to tout the release of our latest project, Segulljóð.
Segulljóð is a poetry/tiny story app where you play with word-magnets on a magnetic board.
Everything is customisable, background, colors, fonts and you even have the ability to add your own words.

Segulljóð in the App-Store

Now after a few months of work everything is coming together and the App is now available in all App-Stores for iPad.
Even if you don’t speak Icelandic you could still use the app to make a poem or short story by using only your own words making the app usable to make a fully customised poem or tiny story in almost any language and post to facebook or twitter.

More information on TwoLostTrolls

More information (in Icelandic) on

We’ll soon be making an upgrade for the App making it Universal so iPhone and iPod touch users can enjoy it too.

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The Good Old The Avengers!

Isn’t everybody excited about the new Avangers movie? Here is a little warming up for those who are. Notice how Iron Man is super cool!

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The LEGO Store in Copenhagen

On our vacation in Copenhagen we visited the LEGO store. The store has a great selection of LEGOS that I have never seen before and the display was amazing. Here are few pictures I took with my cellphone.

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Magnifying the Universe

Found this on my route around the internet (thanks Dubious Quality) and this is absolutely amazing, a zoomable and comparable map of of really big and really small things

The Universe made possible by Number Sleuth

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Save Sean Bean Campaign

Save Sean Bean Campaign from Rock Paper

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