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Lego Minecraft

When I heard that there were plans to publish MineCraft Lego I was really excited. I though, cool Lego is going back to the basics, now we’re gonna get a great big box full of 2×2, 2×3 and 2×4 lego bricks and can build our MineCraft creations in real life without a 3D printer, that sounds really, really great.

Unfortunately I thought wrong, that is not what MineCraft Lego is, this is what MineCraft lego is, a small cave, 2 trees and a brown box along with a single zombie and survivor.

Lego MineCraft

Now don’t get me wrong this looks nice and I love most of the new lego, Knights, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Pirates and Ninja Go are all fun and cool. But being a fan of both MineCraft and Lego this seemed to be a match that could and should have taken Lego back to the roots of creating your own world. MineCraft for design and Lego for importing your design into the real world. Lets hope that the powers at Lego and Mojang realize what they could do if they do it right.


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